Our First Review - Krishna Moonview


     Everything has to start somewhere, and with me, it starts with a new ink. Welcome to the new website/blog for my new project, The Inked Well. I'm hoping to make this a weekly review site that incorporates the enjoyment I get from trying new things and from the stationery world. For right now, it's just going to be me doing the reviews, but that my change down the line. You can also find me here or on any of the other projects going on here at floor3media or over on Twitter and Instagram. 

     Now for the ink! I want to thank Ron at Pen Chalet for providing me this ink at no cost for review. I can honestly say that had it not been provided to me, I may never have actually used Krishna Ink; and that would have been a shame. This $9 bottle is a real eye opener into a brand that has a lot going for it and I can't wait until my next go around with the brand. In the future, I may include a written review to go with each video, but for the first one, there is so much catching up to do to bring this to you, that I want you to enjoy it as is. Enjoy



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