Noodler's Rome Burning


     For this review, I wanted to take a step back to one of the first fountain pen inks I had ever used. It's amazing to see how my tastes have changed in ink over the last year. When I first started, all I wanted was ink that would laugh in the face of water, and now I look for an ink to fit the mood. I don't want to take too much time away from the video, so I'll leave you with this summary:

     If this ink didn't feather as much as it did on almost every "daily use" paper that you come across (copy paper quality), I would keep this as an every day carry ink. I love what Nathan did with the color change on the water immersion, and I think it would be killer for him to try and do a reverse of the color change that takes place. 4.25/5 for Noodler's Rome Burning.

     Thank you to Pen Chalet for providing this ink for review. Now for the video:



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