Organics Studio Alanine Aqua Shimmer


     When I hear Organics Studio, the first thing that comes to mind is "sheen". Lots and lots of sheen. A good example of this, and one ink that I may review down the road, is Walden Pond which can either come off as blue or very obtrusive red/purple. So when I got Alanine Aqua Shimmer, I thought I was going to have another ink with a wide variance in behavior.

     What I got was an ink that was far better behaved than I could expect. The color is very consistent and even with the sheer amount of particulate in the bottle, I had little to no flow problems in any of the pens inked up with it. I did notice that If I wanted any shimmer though, I needed to make sure that I moved the pen around a bit before writing to make sure none of the particles were pooled in the converter. 

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