Kaweco Art Sport

The Kaweco Art Sport

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Anyone who has picked up a fountain pen has most likely held a Kaweco Sport at least once. Maybe it’s the price point of their base “sport” model, or maybe it’s the pocket size of the pen. Whatever it is, it’s easy to get drawn into this resin, pocket stalwart.

So what is it about this sport in particular that made me want to pay $85 for it? Well, the short answer is that I like blue. Add swirls or marble patterns to a blue pen and I’m like a catfish on stink bait. (I’ll give you a second to parse that one out). But is the color enough to spend an extra $60 above the cost of their normal “Sport” offering?

Now that is a hard question to answer. The basic sport model has a lot going for it. it is extremely portable. The Kaweco cartridges are pretty good in quality and color. The pens can take a beating, and they come in a variety of enticing demonstrator and opaque bodies. It does have drawbacks though. The two converter systems that are available are lacking in both functionality and capacity. One is a squeeze converter and the other is a hand drawn piston. The optional clips are also inconsistent in fit and feel.

Notice how I didn’t mention the nib. This model comes with a Bock nib, and I like it. I even truly enjoy my Bock calligraphy nib that I substituted into the pen for this review. That position though is not widely accepted and if given the right circumstances (late night at a pen show), could lead to out and out verbal tussles. Nothing is more polarizing than a nib brand so be warned. If you don’t like Bock nibs, then there is no price at which this pen is good for you.

Positive note, and not as controversial, the feed on this pen is amazing. It is a fire hose and flowed just as smooth on the F nib as it did on the 1.1mm. I wish that this feed had been on my regular sport models. Maybe then, I would have kept them.

3 paragraphs later and I haven’t answered the question. Was this pen worth it at $85? Yes. The nib, feed, body, and the fact that it is hand turned acrylic instead of machine processed resin, make this pen a good buy just south of $100. If only that was the standard going rate for the Kaweco Art Sport. If you want to pick up one of these pens, you are looking at a cost ranging from $170 - $200.

To put it plainly, this is not a $200 pen in any universe. If you have a $200 budget, look into Franklin Christoph or Carolina Pen Company or Red Dragon Pen Company. There are far more quality pens in this range and I don’t feel Kaweco made enough of an improvement over the base “sport” model to justify the price.

My final thought to you is this. Buy this pen used. You can find many in amazing shape for sub $100 that will leave you owning a very satisfying writer and an artistic, resin pen.

Check out the YouTube video and until next time, thank you for reading!




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