Conklin Duraflex


     This is one where I really think watching the video is important, but for those needing the short rundown, here it is. This pen from Conklin has a lot of potential, but I feel like it is squandered some. What this pen has in in the body and nib is failed by the inconsistency of the feed. That said, there are workarounds, one of which I cover in the video, and at the price point of $60 MSRP, I still feel it is worth giving it a go. It's also possible to pick up just the nib unit separately for $24 MSRP. So if you want to give a flex nib a try but don't want to start out in the mid to high triple digits, this one may be worth a second look. 

     Thank you to Pen Chalet for providing this pen for review. 



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