Entry Level Fountain Pens

Hey Everyone!

Join me this week while I take a look at 4 fountain pens under $30 to see which one I would say is the best value in the class. Keep in mind, this is my take on that price point. Yours may be completely different.

I think all 4 of these pens can be real good additions to any starter kit and other than the little details that I may have picked at here or there, I feel that all 4 will get any new user coming back for more. Since doing the review, I have re-inked all of the pens and also emptied out and refilled the Lamy Safari cartridge with Colorverse Gravity Wave. I may do a video on how to do that cleanly at some point. 

Disclaimer: These pens were purchased at discount from Pen Chalet for reviewing purposes. 

Thank you to channel sponsor Pen Chalet.

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Mentioned Products:
Platinum Plaisir 
Pilot Metropolitan 
Nemosine Singularity 
Lamy Safari
Rhodia DotPads
Clairefontaine 1951
Field Notes
Elemental Paper

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