The Opus 88 Fantasia


     To talk about the Fantasia by Opus 88, I must first go into a small story. About a year ago, I got my first fountain pen; a Kaweco Sport with a smooth #5 JoWo nib. I hadn't written with a fountain pen before, and I found the sport both enjoyable and infuriating. I enjoyed the nib and the portability, but my hands are just at that size that some pens can feel far too long while others are too short. 

     This led to me parting ways with that first pen about a month ago. I had a rather large and unexpected vet bill present itself and made the executive decision to adult. Many pens were sold, and the final, determining factor for the Kaweco being sold was it's size. Fast forward to two weeks ago and my phone call with Braden at Pen Chalet. We were actually discussing the YouTube channel and going through potential full size pens to review. 

     I did that thing I always do with Braden and pulled up the website and started looking through the store while we were talking and suddenly just found myself staring at this pen by Opus 88. I asked Braden what color he thought I would like and after agreeing to try the blue, I had a tracking number and a pen en-route. It wasn't until after the box had arrived that I thought to check the dimensions of the pen on the website. 

     Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the pen. The Fantasia easily gets a solid 4/5 stars so, definitely watch the video below for the full review, and leave a comment on YouTube or down below in the comments section to let me know if I hit the mark.

     Since I know you are going to ask about the 1 star removal; I feel that Opus 88 does occasionally over engineer the eye dropper system on their pens and I felt the price on this one missed the mark to the high side. Overall though, I'd still say I found my new pocket pen. 



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