Pilot Custom 743

New Pen Day!


A little bit of background here.

I’ve been looking for a Pilot 823 since I got into fountain pens a little over a year ago, but the killer for me was always the Vacuum system. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good filling system, but for me, I prefer to have converters for cleaning purposes. Owning TWSBIs and Pelikans taught me that much. Maybe it’s just me, but I always found the cleaning out for ink swaps on those pens to be far more tedious than on my C/C pens.

So when people started talking about the Pilot 743, I was entirely intrigued. Here we had the pen body I wanted, and all I had to do was swap the demonstrator body of the 823 for the opaque body of the 743. Easy, right? No. Up until recently, my internet-fu to find the 743 came up with nothing. I would occasionally come across them on eBay, but I was never able to find one in my normal circles.

Then one popped up on The Pen Addict Slack! Happy Days! Not only did one pop up, but it was listed below the prices that I was finally able to find on commercial powerhouse, Amazon. Sold!

Now I own the pen, so what are my thoughts? I love this pen! I’ve been migrating towards wetter nibs since getting into fountain pens, and this C Nib fits the bill beautifully. It’s a lightweight, resin pen, with a good balance that allows you to post the cap without throwing off the overall balance. The nib is soft, but provides just enough feedback to provide a desirable writing aesthetic. A caveat there is that I really like a nib that has some feedback without being scratchy or digging into the paper. This nib nails that.

Personally, I like the CON 70 converter, so not having the demonstrator body, or the vacuum system of the 823 is not a big loss at all. Also, the 743 did come in a much broader range of nib sizes. Click on the Pilot Comparison Link below to see the size and nib comparison between the 823 and 743. Back to the converter. I use a syringe to fill all of my converters and the feed on the 743 is a fire hose. Within 2 minutes of inking the converter with the syringe I was able to start writing and press record on the YouTube Recording.

Couple that together with the $170 price tag that I was able to get this pen for, and the immaculate condition of the nib and trim, this pen was a must buy. If you want to take a look at the 743, head on over to Amazon and search for “Custom 743”. There you can expect to find prices ranging from $217-$260 at the time of this blog post. If the 843 is more your style, head on over to Pen Chalet, click on the Radio/Podcast link at the top of the page, and enter ‘inkedwell’, to receive a site wide discount that is also good on the Pilot Custom 843!

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